Creating the Perfect Workspace in Your Home

In this increasingly fast paced life, more of us are getting familiar with the concept of working from home. This in itself may be a difficult thing to do as a home environment might not be the best one to encourage concentration and productivity. Its the age of smart phones, smart watches, smart everything so be smart and read this list of ways in which you can create the ultimate workspace for yourself.

Find what type of worker you are

Are you one of those people who absolutely need peace and perfect quiet when trying to concentrate on a task? Do you thrive in a noisy and chaotic environment? Are you easily distracted by things around you? Do you find your mind wandering idly from thought to thought without stopping on what you need to focus on? Maybe your problem is that you just cant sit still for long periods of time?

Sit down to work on an important task and you will soon discover under which of these categories you fall. Whichever one you classify under, all you need to do is create a space which complements your working style and encourages you to be productive.



Grab the perfect spot

Find the best space for you to work in according to your behavior. If youre more of a socialite worker meaning youre the kind who enjoys noise and dont mind people in your immediate area while working locate an area in your home which is shared with other family members, like the kitchen or living room. If your household just isnt as noisy as youd like, simply switch on the radio or the television to give the illusion that more people are in the room.

If, on the other hand, youd much rather hide out in a quiet corner where you can go into the zone, then steal the quietest available room of the house and claim it as your territory. If there is no such room available, simply section off part of a room using a decorative folding screen to provide the illusion of a separate small room.



Add a pop of colour

So youve found the perfect little spot to turn into your home office. The next step in the process is to find the perfect dcor style which will leave you in the most inspired mood to produce the best work that you can.

One of the most important factors when it comes to decorating is the colour scheme. Soft blues and greens are known to have calming effects and are also good at inducing efficiency and focus. Yellow and orange tones are best if you wish to increase creativity. Neutral colours like white, cream, and beige are also soothing shades to have in a workspace.

When it comes to filling your space with accessories and decorations, work around your character. If you are a visual person make sure to include a large calendar to manage your schedule and a white board where you can jot down any major thoughts or ideas that hit you. On the other hand, if youre a creature of comfort, tastefully litter your office with comfortable bean bags, hassocks, or even a chaise lounge, where you can sit and brainstorm as a nice change from sitting at your desk.


Think of ergonomics

Even though this might not be your official office, unless you work exclusively from home, you should still spare some thought towards your health. Invest in a comfortable office chair which helps you keep a good posture and allows your wrists to be in line with your elbows. Moreover, it is crucial that your monitor is in your line of vision without you needing to bend and strain your head and neck. A handy way to avoid wrist injury is by using an ergonomic mousepad the ones with the little cushion for your wrist.