Are you a property consultant who aspires to own his agency? Do you have an entrepreneurial mind and want to reach new heights in your career? Are you a current real estate agency owner that feels the need to take the next step forward? Do you want to be backed uo by a globally renowned brand? One that offers you ample resources, training programmes and new technology?If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider franchising with CENTURY 21 Malta.

The real estate industry in Malta is booming, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join us. Our goal is to dominate the market while still providing clients with the best quality service around.

Franchising with CENTURY 21 Malta involves a strategic agreement where we allow you to use the globally renowned CENTURY 21 Malta brand name. We provide you with the tools to our successful business systems so that you can produce stellar service by our high specifications.

Types of Franchising


Start up Have you always had a keen interest in the real estate business? Have you always dreamed of being your own boss? Would you like to open a real estate agency but know that current competitors will not allow you to thrive? If you cant beat them, well then maybe you should join them. For many, being in charge will remain a number one priority; for that reason, you should choose to franchise with CENTURY 21 Malta as a start up branch. You will be backed up by years of experience and training programmes within the sector, avoiding any costs that accompanies mistakes made by independently owned start-ups.

Conversion Own and agency but aspire to get more out of the current market? Do you have the necessary resources to do so? Maybe you should consider franchising. Here at CENTURY 21 Malta, we understand that a business might not have the opportunity to introduce the newest technologies to their establishment; this means that they are unable to keep up with competition. By franchising with us, you will have the license to operate under our business system.

Why Franchise with CENTURY 21 Malta


Success: CENTURY 21 is a leading brand on a worldwide scale. Its business methods consistently provide great results with customers across all of the countries it is present in.

Support: We have personnel whose primary role is to take care of all the franchisees. They will see to it that you are provided with ongoing assistance. When in a rough spot, the material given as part of our training will surely guide you; in cases where you need to call for assistance, our trainee manager will be there at your beck and call.

Marketing Assistance: CENTURY 21 Malta is affiliated with an experienced team of creatives that can help you handle your marketing material. By using proven tools and strategies aimed directly at retaining customers, CENTURY 21 can help you effectively market your business.

Database: As a globally powerful brand, the CENTURY 21 Malta database covers a local audience and also spans to other countries and foreign clients. By franchising with us, you will gain access to all of our client and property database, both locally and worldwide.

Risk and Avoidance: By letting you concentrate on what you know best and taking care of the rest, CENTURY 21 Malta can help you avoid the majority of risks that surround running an independently owned business. Affiliating with us will allow you to actually focus on developing your skills as a real estate consultant and flourish in this ever-growing market.