Selling your Property

Selling your Property

Have you decided its time for a change? Are you selling your property? Dont fret; weve mapped out the whole process for you:

Get your Property Ready to Sell

Before you even start thinking of putting your property on the market have a look around you and make sure that you create a great, lasting first impression on prospective buyers who visit your home. A little effort can go a long way to ensure your home is in its best shape. Declutter your home to make sure that it is spacious and welcoming, give your walls a fresh coat of neutral paint and get rid of any unwanted odours by lighting a scented candle or baking a cake. Our experienced CENTURY 21 Sales Consultants know the tricks of the trade; they can guide you with tips to market your home in the best way possible. Youll have people queuing on your doorstep in no time!

Selling your Property at the Right Price

What is one major factor that will define the length of time your property will take to sell? Its the selling price of your property. Too high a price will deter buyers, but too low a price can cheat you from what you deserve.

CENTURY 21 Sales Consultants can help you to evaluate your property and set an appropriate competitive listing price to sell your home and receive the value your property truly deserves.

Within such a booming sector, there are thousands of properties waiting to be marketed in Malta. Promoting your property goes a long way if your aim is to make it stand out from the market.

Promoting your Property

CENTURY 21 will present you with a Customised Marketing Plan that will detail specific promotional efforts to help market your property. Posting your property on the CENTURY 21 website, which receives high volume traffic each month, only serves to increase the promotion of your property. Some other exciting, tailor-made marketing initiatives can be offered by our Sales Consultants once they meet up to discuss with you.

After we find a potential buyer, one of your final steps is to secure an offer. Your Sales Consultant will submit all offers and assist with negotiations to help you achieve the best deal possible. We always strive to ensure a win-win situation for both Buyer and Seller.

Tax Rates

If the seller has resided in a property for 3 years before contract date, there will be a 0% tax charge.

If you purchased the property:
Before 2004, there will be a government tax charge of 10% at net price.

After 2004, state tax is charged at 8% of net price.

If you inherited the property:
Before 25/11/92, there will be a government tax charge of 7% at net price.
After 25/11/92, the owner must get property valuation as at the date of inheritance and then pay 12% tax on the difference between that evaluation and actual selling price (i.e. pay tax on the appreciated value).