A few Tips and Tricks to make your Home smell amazing

You open your door after a long week at work and breathe into your freedom and whats that? It smells funny. Like your Auntie Rita was here with her moth-eaten furry bag which shes been carrying around since 1965. Only she hasnt been to your house since last Christmas. Something needs to be done

  1. Air it out
    Let good old fresh breeze change the stale air in your house. Opening windows in different areas will create a cross-breeze. If there is no wind blowing outside, just place a few fans by the open windows to help circulate the air.
  2. Fight it at the source
    Finding the culprit of stinky smells will help with the elimination of them. Check:

    • Pet beds
    • Unclean upholstery
    • Damp laundry
    • Old leftover food
    • Mildew
    • Kitchen and bathroom drains
    • Stinky garbage
    • Musty carpets

    All these things may lead to a diffusion of unpleasant smells, which will definitely put off any guest.

  3. Deodorise your carpetsSprinkle some baby powder or homemade carpet cleaner onto your carpet and rugs and vacuum it away. The powder will not only help by leaving behind a lingering smell of freshness, but it will also aid in picking up dust and hair from the carpet!
  4. Spray, burn, and smoke out the smell
    Essential oils, wax melts, and air fresheners are your friends in the case of a smell-emergency. Whether you just want to calm down your senses while you wind-down and relax, or whether you just had a half hour notice that youre going to get some unexpected guests; you can quickly cover up any bad odours with a quick spray, or by safely burning some incense or delicious smelling melts.
  5. Fabric Spray
    Fill a small spray bottle with water, a bit of baking soda, and your favourite essential oil. Shake well, and spray onto your cushions, curtains, and upholstery. Oils like lavender, rose, and citrus are all great refreshing smells for you and your guests to breathe in.
  6. Bake something delicious
    If you just dont have any scented goodies on hand just bake your own! Theres nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread or cinnamon rolls. Avoid creating cooking smells which are not so pleasant; like garlic or fried foods.
  7. Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs
    Soak cotton balls in your favourite perfume or essential oil and place discreetly around your house between sofa cushions, behind furniture, in air condition panels, in your vacuum canister. Just dont forget where youve put them once youre done!